Our goal is to revolutionize industrial software industry in a big way
and every step we take, is in that direction
Automation is the part of today’s life. We bring the easiest way to make process smarter and easier to analyze. Our software provides the data like MIS (Management Information system) along with a lot of features derived from different types of softwares. It enhances the supervisionary control and provides all the data for the analysis. It empowers you to operate your system from anywhere with the help of dedicated cloud. Dicot software and solutions stores you data with encryption to protect your privacy. We design and integrate our software with the hardware with most powerful processors and technology so as to provide you with best in class experience. The hardware also facilitates with best network topology. Our systems support almost all popular communication protocols and methods. We take advantage of the latest state of art technology in the field of communication. Our all partners produce and provide world class components under our quality control. We value each and every client be it a MNC or MSME. We aim to satisfy all the needs of our clients. We always look forward to work with anyone and provide custom solution for your needs.
What we offer on demand
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We also do selected projects
Our expertise is in industrial softwares and our dedicated team works to satisfy all your needs. We work with only a few selected parterners for projects so as to give our best to all of the clients.
Clients opinion
Director, Micon
Mr. Niket Gorakhiya
Awesome features. Simple to use softwares. Recommended especially for small businesses.
LDP, Tata Steel
Highly satisfied by service. All your problems get solved at one place Dicot!
Director, Electrotherm
Highly satisfied by service